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Since its inception, Himal Manpower Employment Service has steadily grown within various divisions to be a leader in providing domestic helpers, caregivers, semi-skilled and skilled labors, factory workers and agricultural workers for jobs overseas.As Darvin has mentioned in his theory of struggle for existence that "the one who is fittest survives in the world”. Today in the world of competition, proving one's best is a tough job. Himal Manpower with its knowledge and experience grows daily and we aim to build the legacy of our organization and reputation as a responsible company which has high performance and good integrity.

Vision :
The vision is to produce skilled, judicious and talented domestic helpers and labourers which will further enhance the reputation held that the Nepalese women and men are sincere, honest and hardworking and if given a chance they can bring the best out of them. After recieving training from the associated training center, their inborn characteristics and given skills would be perfectly mixed up to make them perfect domestic helpers or factory/agricultural workers.

Our mission is to become the first choice of our customer, become the single source of supply integrated, customized solution for all overseas employment services. We will strive to make the experience of our potentials employers a delight by exceeding both their needs and expectations, by providing them  with the most reliable, honest and judicious workers.

What we do : 
We give training to all the women and men who want to go overseas as a domestic helper or a general worker. We give them standard training which is one of international standard so that both the employers and employees won’t have any problems. The training includes English, official language of destination country and communication skills and above all house keeping skills. The training provided includes every thing from house etiquettes, child care, language training, taking care of elder people, pet care, catering for domestic helpers and plumbing, agriculture, communication skills, introduction to the working conditions of a factory, orientation for factory workers etc.The training are given by professionals in their respective fields
  • Take up contracts with employers and recruiting agencies of abroad for supplying them with domestic helper and caregivers and factory Labors.
  • Provide consultancy service to women and men who want to work abroad as a domestic helper and caregiver and factory workers.
  • Orientations on :
  • The Language of the destination country.
  • The culture and the lifestyle of the destination country.
  • The history of the destination country.
  • The religion  of the destination country.
  • The working environment of the destination country.
Our Services : 
Proper screening of the applicants
  • Personalized assistance in the completion of the requirements.
  • Proper documentation of each helper and worker.
  • Complete briefing on :
  • Terms and conditions of the agencies here and abroad.
  • Working condition of the factory.
  • Orientation before departure.
  • The lifestyle of the destination country. 

Procedure of Enrolments:
The candidate first has to go through a screening test. The screening test is basically to test their aptitude, skills and knowledge of English. It also helps us to know their attitude and devotion towards work. After the successful completion of the screening test the candidates is enrolled and then can undergo training.

How We Do :
We work closely with management and identify and achieve performance standards that are linked to business objectives. Our experience, professional and devoted field team further facilities this objective. Our general approach is to :
  • Listen to the needs of our prospect clients
  • Analyze objective and performance from the perspective of performance enhancement.
  • Recommended strategies for assuring that performance fulfills the objectives.
  • Perform the work in the way expected by the employer.


Himal Manpower Employment Service. Pvt. Ltd.
Sanobharyang, Swoyambhu
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